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While Ph.D. degrees are awarded by departments, research is structured into interdisciplinary programs that include faculty from multiple departments. The current research programs available to M.D.-Ph.D. students include those listed below.

  • Neuroscience: A new Ph.D. in neurosciences has been offered since 2010. Faculty in the following departments can be thesis advisers: anatomy and neurobiology, pharmacology and toxicology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, biochemistry, human genetics, physiology and microbiology/immunology.
  • Cancer Biology: Departments of biochemistry, chemical biology, microbiology and immunology, pathology, pharmacology and toxicology, human genetics and internal medicine
  • Addiction and Drugs of Abuse: Departments of pharmacology and toxicology, psychiatry, internal medicine
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics: Departments of microbiology/immunology, biochemistry, human genetics, and pharmacology and toxicology
  • Pathogenic Microbiology, Human Microbiome and Host Response: Departments of microbiology/immunology, biochemistry, internal medicine and pediatrics
  • Integrated Cell/ Molecular Signaling and Lipidomics: Departments of biochemistry, human genetics, pharmacology and toxicology, and microbiology and immunology
  • Molecular Cardiology: Departments of internal medicine, physiology and pharmacology/toxicology
  • Allergy and Immunology: Departments of microbiology/immunology and internal medicine
  • Radiation Oncology: Departments of radiation oncology, radiology, medicinal chemistry and physics
  • Reproduction Biology and Women’s Health: Departments of internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, biochemistry and molecular biology, and pharmacology and toxicology
  • VCU Program in Enteric Neuromuscular Sciences (VPENS): Departments of physiology and biophysics and internal medicine.
  • Behavioral and Statistical Genetics: Departments of psychiatry, human and molecular genetics and psychology.
  • Metabolism and Metabolic Disease: Departments of internal medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology and microbiology/immunology.