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Sheela Damle

Sheela DamleEducation:

Cornell University, B.S. in Chemical Engineering (2008)
Hometown: Grand Forks, ND
PhD Advisor: Dan Conrad, PhD
Graduate Program: Microbiology and Immunology


Research Interests:

Sheela’s research background is in orthopedic research, specifically cartilage and intervertebral disc biology and tissue engineering. She worked at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery, developing a new minimally-invasive anterior spine fusion. Although she found orthopedic research interesting, she plans to focus on immunology in the future.

Personal Bio:

Sheela was born in Fargo, N.D., and was raised in both Fargo and Grand Forks, N.D. Apart from academics, Sheela enjoys tennis and volleyball — both of which she has been playing since she was young. She also likes to explore the great outdoors via hiking and backpacking. Sheela is excited to discover all Richmond has to offer, as this is the furthest south she has ever lived. She is currently co-president of the VCU chapter of the American Medical Association.


Damle, S.R., Rawlins, B.A., Boachie-Adjei, O., Crystal, R.G., Hidaka, C., and Cunnigham, M.E. (2012) “Lumbar Spine Intervertebral Disc Gene Delivery: A Pilot in Lewis Rats.” HSS Journal. (Manuscript accepted for publication.)

Terajima, M., Damle, S., Penmatsa, M., West, P., Yang, X., Bostrom, M., Hidaka, C., Yamauchi, M., and Pleshko, N. (2012). “Temporal Changes in Collagen Cross-Links in Spontaneous Articular Cartilage Repair.” Cartilage.