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Guy Harris

Guy Harris


Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. in Physics, 2009
Louisiana State University, M.S in Medical and Health Physics, 2012
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Thesis Adviser: Michael Miles, MD, PhD; Pharmacology/Toxicology

Research interests:

Guy’s research interests are concerned with the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and cancer biology in particular. He would like to investigate topics such as radiation induced protein expression, biologically based treatment planning models for radiation therapy, and molecular targeting of cancer via radioisotope incorporated nanoparticles.

Personal bio:

Guy was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up on a small farm just outside of the city. While he enjoyed living on the bayou in Louisiana during his master’s, he is happy to return to the East Coast. Guy enjoys playing and creating music during his free time. He also likes to stay in shape by swimming, running and road cycling.