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Kara Dods

Kara Dods


Rutgers University
Hometown: Linwood, NJ
BSc with honors in Biochemistry, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition

Research interests:

Kara's research experience is varied, beginning in psychophysiology and human performance at Rutgers University and moving into molecular mechanisms of fibrosis at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During her time at CHOP, she became interested in the role of lipid signaling in wound healing and is looking to investigate lipid signaling molecules: their roles in various diseases and their use as biomarkers for disease diagnoses that otherwise require invasive techniques.

Personal bio:

Kara was born and raised by the beach in New Jersey, but harbors a special love of the mountains. She is an avid hiker, traveling to many national parks all across the country, and has been not only to the bottom of the Grand Canyon but also to peaks in the Rockies. In her downtime not spent outdoors, she enjoys cooking with an international flair, reading, learning Mandarin, and both swing and salsa dancing. Kara also enjoys watching and playing football (soccer), and is a loyal fan of Liverpool.


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