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Tim Kegelman

Tim Kegelman


University of Notre Dame, B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2007
Hometown: Yorktown, Va.
Thesis adviser: Paul B. Fisher, Ph.D., human and molecular genetics

Research interests:

The goal of Tim’s research is to advance the field of cancer therapeutics. His lab uses discoveries in cancer molecular genetics to develop new treatments that halt or reverse tumor progression. His research focuses on mda-9/syntenin's role in nervous system tumors and as a target for therapy. He sees his future clinical and research interests in pediatrics, focusing on oncology or genetic disease.

Personal bio:

Tim grew up in Virginia, graduated from Tabb High School, and returned to Virginia after college. At Notre Dame, he was the captain of the men's swim team and competed at the NCAA championships. He has found that Richmond has something for everyone and has been impressed with the parks and outdoor events.


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