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Michael Waters

Michael Waters


Davidson College, B.S. with honors in Biology 2010
Hometown: Centreville, Va.
Thesis adviser: Tomasz Kordula, PhD; Biochemistry

Research interests:

Michael’s background is in genomics and synthetic biology. As an undergraduate at Davidson College, Michael worked as a member of an iGEM team to utilize the genomic machinery of prokaryotes to produce solutions to abstracted NP-complete graph theory problems. Additionally, in collaboration with a lab at VCU, Michael worked on a project that used DNA microarrays to assess the ability of small molecule inhibitors to transiently suppress the innate immune system for safer and more effective gene therapy regimens. His honors thesis explored the design of a modular ssDNA production device for use in DNA-based nanotechnology.

Personal bio:

Michael was born in Centreville, Va., and lived there until attending Davidson College in 2006. Michael wrestled and played rugby at Davidson, and enjoys watching both sports as well as the Washington Redskins. He likes to keep current, go to the beach, fish and spend time with his family.


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