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Admission from M1 class

The program has admitted students with strong research backgrounds who are currently enrolled in the first year of studies at VCU’s School of Medicine. Students who are in their first year of medical school at VCU and wish to be considered for admission to the program should contact the director. If the director finds the student’s academic and research record acceptable, the student will be asked to complete a supplemental application and reference forms. These forms can also be obtained in the M.D.-Ph.D. office from Sandra Sorrell.

Transition to graduate phase

This form must be filed before you can move from the medical phase to the graduate phase. The medical school retains you on the roster until a copy of this form is received. The purpose of the form, in addition to notifying all parties involved of your change in status, is to confirm the change in your support mechanism. It must therefore be signed by the department chair, graduate department director, research adviser and the fiscal administrator of the department you are entering.

Intent to transition to medical phase

This form should be filed approximately three months before the projected date of your Ph.D. dissertation defense. The purpose of this form is to notify the School of Medicine curriculum office and others of your impending change in status. In addition to filing this form, you should make an appointment with the curriculum director to discuss the transition.

Transition to medical phase

This form must be filed before you can begin your clinical rotations. It should be filed immediately upon passing your dissertation defense. In addition, before you are permitted to begin your clinical rotations, the M.D.-Ph.D. director must receive an email from the Graduate School office notifying him that your dissertation has been received and that all the requirements for the Ph.D. have been met.