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Choosing faculty for the M.D.-Ph.D. program

There are more than 600 faculty in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine alone but not all are appropriate to mentor the graduate education of M.D.-Ph.D. students. We have chosen specific faculty members who must meet the following criteria.

  • Current research funding by a peer-reviewed mechanism (NIH, NSF, DOD or other governmental agency; some foundation grants)
  • Productivity as measured by publications in peer-reviewed journals and regular presentation of research results at national/international meetings
  • Record of training predoctoral/postdoctoral students; students and/or post-docs are currently in the lab

Junior faculty are included with a shorter history of productivity and training.

Search M.D.-Ph.D. program faculty

The list of faculty members who meet these criteria is dynamic. As faculty acquire funding and as new faculty are recruited from other institutions who meet these criteria, the list will be updated.