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Who should apply?

Individuals who meet all requirements and have the passion to care for patients while pursuing research that can lead to improved human health are invited to apply to the Virginia Commonwealth University MD-PhD program.

What is required?

Substantial research exposure is required. In addition, students must meet all standards for admission to medical school including the completion of the appropriate coursework, MCAT and clinical exposure.

Do I need to meet all the standards required for MD-only admissions to be admitted to the MD-PhD program?

Yes, although we are aware that qualified MD-PhD applicants may have spent a larger portion of their extracurricular time completing research activities instead of clinical and volunteer experiences.

Who is not eligible?

International students, except US permanent residents and those holding Canadian citizenship, students currently enrolled in a PhD program or students who have already obtained a PhD in the biomedical sciences. Note that Canadian citizens are treated as out-of-state students for application purposes.

How do I apply?

To be considered for the VCU MD-PhD program, prospective students must apply to the medical school through the American Medical College Application Service.

On your AMCAS application, you must designate “Combined Graduate/Medical Degree” and complete the additional essay portions including the MD-PhD personal statement and significant research experience. You must also obtain a letter from one of your research mentors who can comment about your contributions to the lab and your role in research projects. Although this may be the same person who agreed to write a letter for your AMCAS application, the MD-PhD letter (Reference Form) should more specifically address your research. When all essays and letters specific to the MD-PhD program are received, your file will be complete and you will be considered for an interview.

Are students admitted from the medical school class?

Yes, depending on the availability of positions. See here for more details.

If I am not admitted to the MD-PhD program, will I still be considered for medical school admission?

Students not immediately accepted to the MD-PhD program are not automatically considered by the Medical School Admissions Committee for the MD program. If you are not accepted into the MD-PhD program at VCU and wish to be considered for admission to the medical school, you will have to contact AMCAS to change your application status and notify the Office of Admissions of the change.