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Financial Support and Benefits

All students in the program receive the same financial benefits:

  • The stipend, tuition, and fees during each year of the program are funded in full by the School of Medicine, the dissertation advisor and/or the University, depending on the year of the student.
  • All students receive an annual stipend (currently $28,265). Funding to purchase health insurance is included in this stipend.
  • New students receive a stipend of $3,000 during the summer before they matriculate in medical school while they are doing research rotations.
  • Students will receive an additional $1,000 per year added to their stipends for the duration of the program when they have passed their PhD candidacy exams.
  • Students will also receive an additional $1,000 per year added to their stipend if they receive an F30 award from the NIH.
  • Any additional benefits offered to a new class of entering students (e.g. an increase in stipend or health insurance) are automatically extended to all students currently in the program.
  • Each student in the graduate phase who is up-to-date with all milestones, is offered one opportunity to attend either the Annual MD-PhD Student National Conference or the Annual Meeting of the American Physician Scientist Association at the program's expense.
  • Students are able to take out additional federal loans if they qualify.
  • All students are automatically covered by health system malpractice insurance when they engage in patient-related activities, whether during their medical school or graduate phases.