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Gene Clark


Virginia Tech, B.S. in Biochemistry (2012); Virginia Commonwealth University, M.S. in Biochemistry (2015)
Hometown: Richmond, VA
PhD Advisors: Ross Mikkelsen, PhD; Xiang-Yang (Shawn) Wang, PhD
Graduate Program: Biochemistry


Research Interests:

Gene’s pre-graduate research experiences include work on targeted antibiotic discovery, lipid A biosynthesis, and the human microbiome. As a master’s student at VCU SOM, Gene’s research focused on utilizing next generation sequencing technology to develop a “combinatorial risk model” for diagnosing prostate cancer, relying on the differential expression of a small set of urinary microRNAs, and the characterization of the miRNA expression profiles of the different member cell lines of a unique prostate cancer progression model. Currently, he is still interested in the role of non-coding RNA on tissue architecture, immunology, and the formation of the tumor microenvironment.

Personal Bio:

Gene was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Richmond, Virginia. His interests outside of science include music (guitar, piano, mandolin, and the banjo), language, and current events. He also enjoys reading, podcasts, and paddle boarding on the Rappahannock River.