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Rahaman (Remu) Navaz Gangji


Trinity University, B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2013); University of Michigan Medical School, M.S. in Biological Chemistry (2014) Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario 
PhD Advisor: Umesh Desai, PhD
Graduate Program: Medicinal Chemistry


Research Interests:

Remu’s main research interests are in neuroscience, pharmacology and gastroenterology. His undergraduate research was in organic chemistry, specifically the synthesis and study of bis-­‐indenylidene antiaromatic compounds. His master’s thesis focused on further assessing the role of two genes (a proneural transcription factor and an RNA-­‐binding pluripotency factor) in retina regeneration in zebrafish.

Personal Bio:

Remu was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He attended school in San Antonio and Ann Arbor. Outside of academics and research, he is most interested in athletics. He played soccer and tennis in high school, and enjoys following most professional sports, especially hockey, soccer, football and basketball. He is excited about living in Richmond because of its diversity, friendliness, and great location.