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Justin Saunders


Villanova University, B.S. in Biology (2012)
Hometown: White Plains, MD
PhD Advisor: Javier Gonzalez-Maeso, PhD
Graduate Program: Physiology and Biophysics


Research Interests:

Justin became interested in research while studying Transmembrane Protein 170 in a breast cancer lab at Villanova University. He further pursued his research interests with a summer in a Transforming Growth Factor β lab at the National Cancer Institute after graduation. Currently, Justin is interested in exploring neuroscience research while maintaining the molecular focus that he has come to love from his time in cancer research labs.

Personal Bio:

Justin grew up within a loving family in Clinton, Maryland, where he learned the ways of quiet suburban living and Old Bay Crab Seasoning. He moved to White Plains, Maryland with his family when he was 16 and attended college at Villanova University outside Philadelphia. He vividly remembers when Villanova went to the Final Four in 2009. When Justin is not studying, he enjoys playing guitar, watching TV, and hanging out. He looks forward to probing the intersection of science and medicine.