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Joseph Lownik

Joseph LownikEducation:

Beloit College, B.S. in Biochemistry (2013)
Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
PhD Advisor: Daniel Conrad, PhD
Graduate Program: CCTR/CMM (Microbiology and Immunology)


Research Interests:

My primary research interests focus around basic immunology with an emphasis on B cell and T cell interaction and costimulation. We are using the basic findings from these studies to further our understanding of autoimmunity and allergy. 

Personal Bio:

Joseph grew up in central Wisconsin. Following high school, Joe attended Beloit College where graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry. In addition to spending time in lab, Joseph likes to spend time with his wife, exploring Richmond and all it has to offer.

Honors, Awards, and Grants:

Pathology Honor Society


Lownik, JC, Luker, AJ, Damle, SR, Cooley, LF, El Sayed, R, Hutloff, A, Pitzalis, C, Martin, RK¥, El Shikh, ME¥, & Conrad, DH¥. ADAM10-Mediated ICOS Ligand Shedding on B Cells Is Necessary for Proper T Cell ICOS Regulation and T Follicular Helper Responses. J. Immunol. 2017 Aug 16.

Damle, SR, Martin, RK, Cockburn, CL, Lownik, JC, Carylon, JC, Smith, AD, & Conrad, DH. ADAM10 and Notch1 on murine dendritic cells control the development of type 2 immunity and IgE production. Allergy. 2017 Aug 31.

Abstracts, Posters, and Presentations:

Lownik, J.C., Damle S., Cooley L, Conrad DH. A Disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) regulates inducible costimulatory ligand (ICOSL) levels on B-cells. International Congress of Immunologists. August 2016. Melbourne, Australia.

Lownik, J.C. Damle S., Cooley L, Martin RK, Conrad DH. ICOSL as a novel ADAM10 substrate with implications on immune function. Protease World. September 2016. Kiel, Germany.

Lownik, J. C., Damle S., Cooley L, Conrad DH. ADAM10 regulates ICOSL in allergic disease. VCU MD/PhD Second Look Poster Session. March 2016.

Martin R, Damle SR, Valentine YA, Luker AJ, Lownik JC, Urban JF, Conrad DH. B1 cell IgE impedes B2 cell IgE-mediated parasite expulsion. The Journal of Immunology 2017 May;198(1 Supplement):62.4–62.4.

Luker A, Lownik JC, Conrad D. ADAM10 is a novel sheddase of Inducible Costimulatory Ligand (ICOSL). The Journal of Immunology 2017 May;198(1 Supplement):195.18–195.18.

Lownik JC, Luker A, Martin R, Damle S, Conrad DH. ADAM10 regulates the ICOS:ICOSL axis. The Journal of Immunology 2017 May;198(1 Supplement):152.15–152.15.