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Marc Cantwell

Marc CantwellEducation:

Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. in Chemistry (2008), B.S. in Biology (2008)
Hometown: Clifton, VA
PhD Advisor: Andrew Larner, MD, PhD
Graduate Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Research Interests:

Marc’s background is in cancer biology. From 2008-2011, Marc worked as a laboratory technician at the University of Virginia in Dr. Deborah Lannigan’s laboratory, investigating the mechanism of nuclear transport for a family of proteins shown to be important in breast cancer called p90 ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK).

Personal Bio:

Marc was born and raised in Clifton, Va., just south of D.C. As an undergraduate at VCU, he did an independent study in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Rutan, researching multivariate selectivity applied to multidimensional liquid chromatography. His undergraduate research led to a publication in the Journal of Chemometrics. Outside of academics, Marc enjoys nature photography, miniature golf, bowling, and watching movies. He is excited to be back at VCU to earn two more degrees.