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Anuj Tharakan

Anuj TharakanEducation:

Drexel University, B.S. in Biological Sciences (2014)
Hometown: Vienna, VA
PhD Advisor: None chosen yet
Graduate Program: None chosen yet


Research Interests:

Anuj’s previous research focused on characterizing the pathogenesis of chronic allergic inflammatory diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract. His work specifically addressed the role of oxidative injury in regulating sinonasal epithelial barrier function and modulating the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines from epithelial cells. His primary research interest is in understanding basic mechanisms regulating innate immune responses and the interaction between innate and adaptive immunity. 

Personal Bio:

Anuj grew up in Vienna, VA and studied biology at Drexel University. He then moved to Baltimore, MD to work in a research lab and attend graduate school at Johns Hopkins. Outside of research and studying, he enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and playing basketball and baseball.


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