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Susie Turkson

Susie TurksonEducation:

University of Chicago, B.A. in Biology with a specialization in Neuroscience (2012); Eastern Virginia Medical School, M.S. in Biomedical Sciences (2017)
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
PhD Advisor: None chosen yet
Graduate Program: None chosen yet


Research Interests:

Susie's work during undergrad and the years that followed centered mainly around motor learning and behavior as they relate to the dopamine pathways. The majority of her work utilized mouse models for behavior, but she was also able to work on a patient study that used an iPad program to assess motor learning in Parkinson's patients. Susie hopes to branch out and possibly explore the relationship between chronic disease and traumatic brain injuries.

Personal Bio:

Susie was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and enjoy almost all things related to food! She is an enthusiastic baker and, in her spare time, she likes to try out new recipes. Susie also enjoys reading, art, and "attempting" to play sports though she is by no means an athlete.


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Linan Chen, Zhigou Xie, Susie A. Turkson, and Xiaoxi Zhuang (2015). A53T human α-synuclein overexpression in transgenic mice induces pervasive mitochondria macroautophagy defects and progressive dopamine neuron degeneration. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(3), 890-905.

Jeff A. Beeler, Rudolph P. Faust, Susie A. Turkson, Honggang Ye, and Xiaoxi Zhuang (2015). Low Dopamine D2 Receptor Increases Vulnerability to Obesity Via Reduced Physical Activity Not Increased Appetitive Motivation. Biological Psychiatry. Available online. doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.07.009.

Jeff A. Beeler, Michael J. Frank, John McDaid, Erin Alexander, Susie Turkson, Maria Sol Bernandez, Daniel S. McGhee, and Xiaoxi Zhuang (2012). A role for dopamine-mediated learning in the pathophysiology and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Cell reports, 2(6), 1747-1761.