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Christian Fontan

Christian FontanEducation:

College of William & Mary, B.S. in Chemistry (2016)
Hometown: Leesburg, VA
PhD Advisor: None chosen yet
Graduate Program: None chosen yet


Research Interests:

Christian’s undergraduate research involved the development and synthesis of unnatural amino acids and their incorporation into proteins for bio-orthogonal handles. His research utilized a wide variety of interdisciplinary techniques such as organic synthesis, molecular biology and biochemical methods. The purpose was to provide selective sites for biologically friendly coupling reactions in vitro for added versatility and protein functionality. Christian’s current interests lie in cell signaling, drug delivery and neuropathology.

Personal Bio:

Christian grew up in Leesburg, Virginia and attended the College of William and Mary. Born into a military family, he has traveled to many exotic locations from Egypt to Peru. Christian enjoys scuba-diving, watching scientific documentaries, exploring new areas and trying new and local foods. He is always ready to meet any fellow coffee lovers and potential workout buddies.