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Alan Harris

Alan HarrisEducation:

College of William and Mary, B.S. in Biology (2014); Virginia Commonwealth University, M.S. in Physiology & Biophysics (2016)
Hometown: Richmond, VA
PhD Advisor: None chosen yet
Graduate Program: None chosen yet


Research Interests:

At the College of William and Mary, Alan began research at the scale of ecology, assisting Dr. Matthias Leu in a longitudinal study on the distribution of avian populations across Eastern Virginia. His Master's thesis was completed in the lab of Dr. Louis De Felice at VCU, and studied the electrophysiology of the monoamine transporters, specifically the dopamine and norepinephrine transporters. He is especially interested in neuroscience, particularly the mechanisms whereby network-level neurocomputation emerges in dependence on membrane conductance properties.

Personal Bio:

Alan is from Richmond, VA, and studied biology and philosophy at the College of William & Mary. During times of leisure, he enjoys running; talking about philosophy, science, and culture; entomology; and lounging on his balcony.