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Spencer Harris

Spencer HarrisEducation:

University of Richmond, B.S. in Biology (2011)
Hometown: Hershey, PA
PhD Advisor: Phillip Hylemon, PhD
Graduate Program: Microbiology and Immunology


Research Interests:

Spencer's previous research experience centered around determining biosynthetic pathways utilized by Chesapeake Bay-associated bacteria. His research interests include molecular biology and microbiology, specifically their clinical implications.

Personal Bio:

Spencer was born in Hummelstown, Pa. He went to the University of Richmond for his undergraduate studies and loved his time in the city. He enjoys going to concerts as well as going out to eat at the local restaurants. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and golf. He also enjoys watching college sports, especially Penn State football. He relaxes by listening to music, reading or watching comedy television.

Abstracts, Posters, and Presentations:

Spencer C. Harris, Jason M. Ridlon, Patricia Cooper, Shigeo Ikegawa, Kuniko Mitamura, Phillip B. Hylemon. “Biotransformation of androgenic precursors to epitestosterone and other 17α-hydroxy-steroids by commensal gut microbeClostridium scindens VPI 12708.” National MD/PhD Student Conference in Keystone, Colorado, July 2014.

Spencer C. Harris, Jason M. Ridlon, João M. P. Alves, Myrna Serrano, Shigeo Ikegawa, Takashi Iida, Gregory A. Buck, Phillip B. Hylemon. “Application of RNA-Seq in discovery of a gene involved in formation of allodeoxycholic acid by the human gut microbe Clostridium scindens ATCC 35704.” Rowett-INRA Joint Symposium in Aberdeen, Scotland, June 2014.

Jason M. Ridlon, Spencer C. Harris, Dae-Joong Kang, Runping Lui, Phillip Hylemon “Metabolomic analysis in a gnotobiotic mice colonized by human gut microbes Clostridium scindens and Bacteroides vulgatus” Rowett-INRA Joint Symposium in Aberdeen, Scotland, June 2014.