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Mackenzie Lind

Mackenzie LindEducation:

University of Scranton, B.S. with honors in Neuroscience and French/Francophone Studies (2010); Fulbright student grantee to the University of Helsinki Institute of Biomedicine (2010-2011) 
Hometown:  Lancaster, PA 
PhD Advisor: Ananda Amstadter, PhD
Graduate Program: Psychiatry


Research Interests:

Mackenzie’s research experience is in behavioral neuroscience and physiology. Her honors thesis studied the effects of acute ethanol consumption on sleep continuity in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. She also has experience working in a stress neurobiology lab, and spent nine months studying sleep physiology and the relationship between sleep and metabolism at the University of Helsinki. She plans to pursue neuroscience or pharmacology and toxicology at VCU, focusing on addiction research.

Personal Bio:

Mackenzie is from Lancaster, Pa., but spent her undergraduate career in Scranton, studying both neuroscience and French. She is passionate about traveling, and was able to spend a semester studying in Paris, France.  A Fulbright grant to Finland allowed her to travel to other countries, such as Russia and Turkey, in addition to gaining valuable research experience. She really enjoyed living and working in Helsinki, and hopes to visit as often as possible. Her other interests include reading for pleasure, exercising and foreign languages. She is getting acclimated to life in Richmond, and is looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer.

Abstracts, Posters, and Presentations:

Lind, M. J., Aggen, S. H., Kendler, K. S., Amstadter, A. B. (November 2014). An epidemiologic study of the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and adult sleep disturbances. Poster accepted for the 30th annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Miami, FL.

Lind, M. J., Aggen, S. H., Kendler, K. S., Amstadter, A. B. (June 2014). An examination of the etiologic underpinnings of insomnia: A longitudinal twin study. Oral paper presentation given at the Behavioral Genetics Association annual conference, Charlottesville, VA.

Lind, M. J., Aggen, S. H., Kendler, K. S., Amstadter, A. B. (June 2014). A longitudinal twin study of insomnia symptoms in adults. Poster presented at SLEEP 2014, Minneapolis, MN.

Lind, M. J., Aggen, S. H., Kendler, K. S., Amstadter, A. B. (April 2014). Insomnia symptoms in adults: A genetically informative study. Poster presented at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Graduate Student Association’s 17th Annual Research Symposium and Exhibit, Richmond, VA.

Lind, M. J., Sawyers, C., Sheerin, C., Amstadter A.B. Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor 1 (CRHR1) Polymorphisms and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (accepted September 2014). The Comprehensive Guide to Post-traumatic Stress Disorders.