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Reed McDonagh

Reed McDonaghEducation:

University of Notre Dame, B.S. in Physics in Medicine (2009)
Hometown: La Plata, MD
PhD Advisor: Jamal Zweit, PhD
Graduate Program: Radiology


Research Interests:

Reed’s research interest is in medical physics.  He hopes to begin a research project that involves diagnostic imaging or radiation oncology.

Personal Bio:

Reed was born and raised Southern Maryland.  He started as a physics major at Notre Dame and then decided to go to medical school.  He is a big movie buff and will never turn down an invite to watch a good movie, old or new. He plays pretty much any sport and likes to stay active. Reed was a member of the Notre Dame boxing club and hall volleyball team. He is also a big sports fan, namely the Washington Redskins, Baltimore Orioles and of course Notre Dame football and basketball.